Coral Poker has Announced an Abrupt Switch to Partypoker Network

On the 4th of December, Coral Poker is going to cross the virtual divide as it will migrate to Partypoker Network from the iPoker.

The news regarding this transforming had been made public almost towards the end of November. It was done by sending an email to the customers. The people who had been affected by this, the cash balance is only going to be transferred from iPoker to Partypoker Network.

The officials of Coral Poker have states that the bonuses and loyalty points that the players have earned on iPoker are going to expire towards the end of the 3rd of December.

Ladbrokes will Follow Coral Poker

Since the mail has been sent on 28th November, Coral Poker’s bosses have made an announcement that Ladbrokes Poker is going to follow what they are planning to do.

They have stated, “Coral Poker is joining the GVC Partypoker Network, the safest and most established poker network in the world.”

Collaboration between Ladbrokes and Coral has taken place in 2016, just 2 years prior to GVC Holdings taking up both the brands. GVC is the parent company of Partypoker and thus, it was always going to pool its assets. After the deal was concluded in 2018 March, they have mentioned anything about when it is going to happen, publically.

With the lack of information and the abrupt nature of the announcement, some questions have been raised. Albeit, the move of Coral was inevitable, several players have been taken by surprise.

As they speculated the reason behind this immediate switch, users have also pointed towards the forthcoming closure of Microgaming Poker Network or MPN. After a chance in the tactics by Microgaming, the network is going to dissolve in the month of May 2020.

Even though there are no suggestions, the owner of iPoker, Playtech is taking into account some kind of similar operational changes. It can be a sign of the times.

Problems in the Industry Lead to the Departure of iPoker

Over the last 5 years, acquisitions and mergers have turned out to be a common phenomenon. With the operational conditions becoming tougher, companies are joining hands with each other. Apart from this cultural shared interest, the changes in technology have pushed top brands to adapt.

Morgan Stanley, in September, has talked about a damning forecast. He has cited the evolution of bot and said that technology can have a significant effect on online poker’s integrity. Taking this into account, the price targets of Playtech, GVC Holdings, and Stars Group were downgraded.

Among all three, GVC has been more proactive in handling bots, thanks to Partypoker. Using the new security team, the operator has been able to recover from $1 million in funds in 2019.

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