PPPoker, the Best App for Poker Lovers

In the last few years, PPPoker has reached new heights and has turned out to be the ruling app in the world of online poker. It has users over 100 countries. This app has led to the creation of several clubs. The popularity of this app has reached far and wide and to date, several million people have downloaded it.

  • Power to the People

The primary focus of Pppoker is the users. This made the company allow every player to open the private club option. They are making an effort to bring poker back to the alley from the corporate headquarters. The company wants more and more people to take an interest in the app.

On joining a club, the players have to choose on that is being run by an acquaintance or friend or the one which is being run by a big establishment. There are clubs of all sizes and the games here run 24/7.

  • Flourishing Community

By focusing on the social aspects and the community, the company has tried to grab the attention of several players. PPPoker has tried expanding this appeal by creating an in-app forum dedicated to hand discussion. It is also active on social media sites where fans will be able to interact with the company by following it. Moreover, the social media site page allows players to interact with other players.

PPPoker runs promotions on social media sites every now and then. Players will be able to avail of various bonuses from here. The recent campaign was ‘Poker Lovers Wanted’. This campaign allowed punters to win $3000 Poker Cruise and it could be won if they invited new players to the app.

  • Security for the Players

One of the bitter truths related to online poker is the use and collusion of bots. There are some sites that ignore these problems completely. Players tend to stay away from such sites. Fortunately, PPPoker is not one of them. It has taken measures to fight against these types of activities.

A PPPoker Anti-Cheating Team has been put to work and it battles the bots to make sure that every game is running on the PPPoker app doesn’t have this problem. In 2019, they have doubled their efforts and have refined their automated systems to detect any such activities.

The app has a feedback mechanism inside the app that will help to report any suspicious activity immediately.

  • Extensive Range of Games

The most important thing that draws a large number of players to PPPoker is the wide range of gaming choices. There are staple favorites such as PLP and NLH. However, it also has ‘Open Face Chinese Poker’. It holds several tournaments to keep the players entertained. The clubs in the app can run their own SNGs and MTTS. 2019 has been the year of new releases for the PPPoker app. It started with the launch of the multi-table option. Players will now be able to participate in 3 tables, simultaneously. Apart from this, they have also introduced new formats. PPPoker has it all and it is the only app you are ever going to need to play poker

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