Americas Cardroom has made an Announcement for Another Massive Series before the Year Ends

After wading through some controversies in the last two years, it appears that Americas Cardroom is getting the momentum for more events. The poker operator only concluded a successful series in July. Since opening its door for poker activities back in 2001, ACR has become one of the major players in the industry across the world. Though its headquarter is in San Jose in Costa Rica, ACR has offered sufficient competition with Canadian and other US-based poker operators.

ACR hosted its first-ever Venom tournament back in July, with the event succeeding beyond expectation. The July event was a $5 million guarantee, but it superseded the target with the pool prize rising to $6382500. It’s this achievement that has brought more excitements for the poker firm to make their calendar busy this year.

Poker players who missed out in the July’s Venom tournament can now smile as the same event is set to return within less than six months. ACR notified poker enthusiasts that another Venom Series will take place beginning November 27. Though details are still scanty, it’s already clear that the prize pool won’t be less than $6 million. It means that the event will be bigger than the July one that was a $5 million guaranteed event but fetched beyond the goal.

Only weeks ago, ACR wrapped up its Online Super Series Cub3d, the landmark event. The series guaranteed above $13 million worth of pool prize, and it lived up to the expectation. Just like the name would reveal, the event featured three distinct series granting the participant more avenues to win something. At the end of the series, a total of 160 tournaments had been completed that accounted for the $13 million total prizes.

Americas Cardroom is playing host to another event currently. The height of success at ACR convinced the management to feature the High Five Tournament Series once again. The 20-days event began on September 10 and will run until 29th of the same month. The event makes it easy for poker players to take part as stakes as low as $2.20 buy-in. However, each of the three Main Events would be $1050 buy-in activities. All the Main event were slated for the three Sundays during the 20-day occasion.

Still, on the High Five Tournament Series, ACR has endeavored to make it as friendly as possible, giving the player a 10-minute break each day. Participants can choose what to do with the short relaxation period that is planned to happen at 4:20 pm ET. Unlike in other industries where the 420-friendly is associated with some aspect of taking marijuana, the 420-figure denotes a lot of items in the event. For instance, each of the three Main Events guarantees $420000 winnings. Of course, the relaxation time also has the special number of 4:20.

The ongoing event is four times better than earlier versions since it guarantees up to $5 million winnings. The planners of the event meticulously arranged for five tournaments on each day till November 29.

The accusation of delays in settling winnings that some poker players levied against ACR dented the image. The accusation never ended there with some other participants blaming ACR for failing to state the percentage of the rake deducted from deposits. The following year was also not short of drama as a podcaster cum poker professional Joe Ingram urged users to boycott the site due to bot cheating allegations. Besides, Two Plus Two forum barred ACR from making advertisements. The poker firm has since made some amendments, which makes it appealing to poker players. It’s needless to point out that ACR is one of few poker operators that accept over 60 crypto currencies. Another huge enticement is the 100% welcome bonus of up to $1000 deposit for the newcomers.

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