Make a Strategy or Bluff? Choker, a Combination of Chess and Poker

Every day new games are being introduced for mobile phones. Still, the good old slots and cards are ones that profiting in this iGaming world. No doubt, these classic games have an aura that intrigues players and thus, they come back for more. It might be the simple mechanics of the game that draws people towards it.

You do not have to worry about things such as resource management or efficient builds. What players should worry about is, if their luck is favoring them or if they will be able to beat the other guy. The question is what is going to happen if these two extensively different skills are combined together? It will lead to the creation of the most unique game of the 21st century, Choker.

Choker is a game that is a combination of poker and chess. It is available for free and you can play it whenever you want. The players are provided with a daily allowance chip for betting. In case the players lose after betting with them and don’t want to wait another day, it can be purchased with real money.

The game will start as soon as a player places a bet. They are going to start with a kind and pawn on their board and using the cards in their hands, they can earn more. In case they can beat their opponent by placing a good bet. When the card round comes to an end, the earned chess pieces are going to be placed wherever the player wants on their part of the board. Thereon, the chess game begins.

Queenside Games is the one who is responsible for creating Choker. In 1995, Andree Finan, the CEO of the company had held the World Chess Championship in New York City. He had been impressed and inspired by the gaming techniques of the chess players of the world and he hoped to get a chance to play with them. The ones who granted him a game crushed him. This gave him the idea that it would be extraordinary chess version was introduced in which an underdog is capable of pulling off a victory. He thought about including an element of chance in the game.

In the marketing video for YouTube to introduce Choker into the market, Queenside had Hikaru Nakamura, the 5-time United States Champion along with Anna Rudolf, Women’s Grandmaster and a part of Hungarian International Chess Master Choker team. Irrespective of the element of chance that is capable of chess enthusiasts lose interest in this game, the chess community appears to be taking an interest.

However, the biggest obstacle for Choker appears to be its own app. Many people are on Google Play Store and App Store are praising the concept but consider the app to be buggy. Also, it has other problems like providing players with both opponents even when they want to play with other humans. The developer is working on these and when it is fixed, Choker will teach a few new tricks to this age-old game.

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