Is Online Poker In A Fragile State With Development In AI And Quantum?

Artificial Intelligence seems to be dividing the world into two. On one hand, it is impossible to ignore just what a machine is capable of with some clever programming. On the other hand, it is scary just how much better than humans AI has proven to be in poker among other things.

It is easy to imagine machines taking over and ruling the same people who created them. That is why poker playing Facebook AI is generating a lot of interest in the poker world.

Quantum is a sea of many unknowns. People are kind of waiting on to see what happens.

Online poker dates back to the early nineties when players played for no stake using text. Today, it is worth billions. Poker continues to attract thousands of players.

After poker black Friday, the online poker world has since recovered greatly. Many fans around the world are showing plenty of interest in playing poker online.

The winning of the Facebook AI against six of the best poker players in the world makes a lot of online poker fans a little scared that the online poker world will never be the same.

While players should not have any reason to worry, for now, the massive developments in AI and quantum computing are great reasons to stay informed. As AI continues to improve and break new barriers, quantum computing is slowly crawling upwards as well with promises of mainstreaming looming in the near future.

What’s All The Fuss About Quantum Poker?

Quantum is difficult to grasp because all its laws seem to go against classical physics. The sheer magnitude of the difference between physics as we know it and quantum makes it complex for coders to comprehend the concepts of quantum coding.

For there to be any progress in quantum, there need to be simple ways to get people to understand the concept of quantum code. Once people figure out the fundamental concepts, they can then use this knowledge to create their own ideas.

Google AI is using the game of Texas hold‘em to help novices grasp the concepts of quantum even more. While the information is still ambiguous at best to the untrained eye, poker players have an added advantage as they can relate to the different aspects more easily.

Scientists are calling poker (Texas hold‘em in particular) a “pedagogical tool” that is making the transition much more manageable.

While quantum has a lot of promise, it is too soon in its development for it to affect or rather impact online poker in any significant way. Poker is a tool that quantum developers need to teach and make it easier for people to understand the rather intricate concepts of quantum.

Is It True That Ai ‘Can Bluff Better Than Any Human’

If AI defeated world champions, it shows that a machine can react to people’s psychological cues, which is a huge deal. The Facebook and CMU developers that were working on the AI said that it took eight days and a hundred and fifty dollars to train Pluribus (as they named the AI poker giant).

They used a system they describe as self-play to ‘teach’ Pluribus how to play poker. This allows it to learn through a process of trial and error by playing several thousands of hands against, well, itself.

While this sounds complex, it is easy for Pluribus to defeat the professionals, as it uses all the resources at hand to make the most money.

Instead of looking at AI and worrying about the future of online poker, you can think of it as the best poker teacher there is. Some of the strategies AI applies in poker such as donk betting are proving to be useful to players in the professional leagues.

AI and Quantum are both futuristic concepts that are becoming a reality today. While quantum is using poker as a learning tool, AI is using poker to expand what is possible. Both of these factors are important. The best we can do is look at the best-case scenario.

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