Live stream Security: Major Pokies Share Their Stand on the Game’s Integrity

The integrity of poker games has come under fire over the past few weeks following allegations of cheating in Stones Hall live-streamed cash games. Even as the Mike Postle lawsuit awaits jury ruling, major pokies like LATB, WSOP, and PokerStars have come out to share their stand on how they ensure the security of player information. Regulators like the Nevada Gambling Association are always available to defend players from foul-play and launch thorough investigations into such cases.

Modern security solutions and technologies also make it difficult for most punters to penetrate the integrity wall built by different poker houses. However, according to Andrew Milner of Poker GFX, the integrity of these systems are only as “secure as those you entrust them to.” Andrew is the founder of Poker GFX, which aids the live stream of various poker games, including the one at “under heat” Stones Gambling Hall.

Ultimately, there is someone who handles the cards in real-time regardless of whether you use sophisticated RFIDs or the traditional hole card cameras. 

In the face of the ongoing cheating lawsuit against Stones Gambling Hall and Mike Postle, operators that provide live stream cash games were forced to reflect and defend their security systems. Although some were quick to point out their multiple levels of security, others had no comment. WSOP, the infamous organizer of International Circuit Events and host of live stream games via PokerGo, offered their sentiment on the integrity of the game.

According to the operator, the sheer randomness of the game makes it virtually improbable to manipulate who gets a seat at the final table. WSOP uses various systems to ensure their players are safe, and all operations align with Nevada Gambling Commission requirements.

To minimize potential opportunities, WSOP uses a chain of command for accessing RFID cards. The software that reads these cards and server setup is also fortified to prevent foul play. Other techniques include segregation of hole card graphics, cell phone protocols for staff, and internet access restrictions.

According to Poker Central, which is home to WSOP and several other poker events, hole card security is the essential part of the production. Hole cameras and RFID can also combine to provide accurate unalterable metadata. Access to hole card information is also restricted to specific operators.

Different operators employ different measures to uphold integrity in their house. LATB (Live at the Bank) believes their system is secure enough to protect player information and gambling rules. They are the longest-running live stream poker operator in the country and have never come under any heat for cheating.

Elsewhere, PokerStars, the famous organizer of the European Poker Tour, believes integrity begins with the staff. They use thorough background research and employee vetting to ensure the team comprises of trustworthy individuals. Al information communicated outside, to commentators, for instance, is public access data. 

Unibet, World Poker Tour (WPT), and Run it Up also believe in their abilities to guarantee the integrity of all poker events they host.

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