Mobster Gambling Den Fincastle up for sale

Fincastle is the once acclaimed home to some of the most callous underground punters in Texas history. The infamous piece of property, right in the heart of Dallas, is one of the largest casinos of its kind up-to-date.

However, recent circumstances have resulted to the sale of the asset. The 1,369-acre estate is tagged at just over $11.5 million and is accompanied with a massive manor, covering thousands of feet.

The Fincastle estate was at around the mid-1950s, the conventional venue where some of the cruelest mobsters in the country gambled. It was built on Ivy Miller’s fortunes, the long-time companion of fellow gangster Benny. The duo, especially Benny, was known to be among the pioneering masterminds behind some Dallas Mobs and other vindictive groups in the early 1940s.

Afterwards, Benny left Texas and proceeded to set up his casinos in downtown in Las Vegas. Benny Bennion was a successful entrepreneur who, after leaving Dallas, managed to start the Horseshoe casino which he established in the mid-1950s.

Whenever Benny happened to be in Dallas, he and Miller convened a group of the most dangerous individuals in the country under one roof in, the Fincastle. The group put up poker games risking high stakes. Apparently, the games were hazardous that even the 10-time WSOP legendary winner and road punter Doyle Brunson admitted to dreading the place. According to Doyle Brunson, Dallas was the only place in Texas where he tried so hard to stay away.

Mr Brunson was terrified of attending any poker games held in Dallas, especially in Fincastle. This was due to the swarming “bad guys” who compelled players to take actions to protect themselves. A lot of folk tales surround Miller’s reputation, but the most memorable of them all is the one where he was accused of slaughtering a fellow.

The actual grounds behind the apparent assassination appears to be complicated conspiracies between Miller and his friend Benny. Miller’s victim was reportedly murdered for trying to impinge on Benny’s territory. Ivy Miller saw this as unfit and finished him off. This sparked off a series of gruesome massacres between two rival gangs. The bitter rivalry, commenced by Miller lasted for almost two decades, after which tensions between the two groups demoted.

The Fincastle estate continued to gain extensive and negative reputations because of its infamous owner. In the whole of Texas, Fincastle was and is still considered a hub for notorious mobsters to gamble.

Ivy Miller, Fincastle estate’s original proprietor, passed away at the beginning of the 1960s, halting the hazardous activities that were previously done in the estate’s premises. The estate’s ownership and purpose have changed a couple of times in recent times with various individuals and even groups having once claimed the property. After Miller’s passing, Fincastle was sold to the Schoellkopf family in around 1968.  The new owners decided to preserve and keep the estate’s originality intact. Nonetheless, the proprietor did not continue any of the hazardous activities that were being previously practiced by former owners of the estate.

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