Party Poker, PokerStars, and 888Poker Fight for Online Supremacy

PokerPoker, 888Poker, and PokerStars, the largest brands of online poker are advancing towards the end of the year. However, none of them appears to take a step back on their marketing efforts as they fight to get more players online for Christmas.

PokerStars Making Deep Move

PokerStars had decided on the fact that a new format is required but they weren’t satisfied with one and introduced 2 brand new ways to plays for the poker players. The two games are Tempest Hold’em and Deep Water Hold’em. Both of these are cash variants.

Deep Water Hold’em has a format where the antes will increase when a hand does not reach a showdown. This game variant sees each player post ante. However, the price of the ante is dependent on the previous hand. In case the previous hand has a showdown, the ante will be reset to the initial value. If the action doesn’t reach up to the river, the value of the ante will increase more and more.

Apart from the big and small blind, there is also a Giant Blind in the following round. Consider a straddle and a big blind is double that. Thus, if a small blind is paying 10, while the big one pays 20, the giant one is going to pay 40 chips.

In the second variant, Tempest Hold’em, the antes keeps increasing till the player reaches a shown. This, eventually, will lead to an additional pre-flop blind that will leave the player with two choices, to fold or shove. In this case, there is a giant blind in play.

Instead of full-ring, these formats allow 6 players. Thus, the action can be expected to be much faster than the other games. Albeit, in Tempest, the pots are covered which means that players cannot lose over 20 giant blinds.

Both variants are available in the United Kingdom and other major locations apart from most of the USA.

Partypoker Adds Million Dollars Online

The rivals of PokerStars, Party Poker is giving out $1 million to one lucky player. In case the chip leader of Day 1a wins MILLIONS Online Main Event, he will be awarded an additional $1 million apart from the top prize. The guaranteed prize pool for the event is $20million. It is expected that this event will offer plenty considering the advice of the chairman of the company, Mike Sexton.

888poker Sending Players to Madrid

888Poker recently finished inviting players to be sole creators and controllers of their own arena. It has spent more than millions of dollars in a series of 24-event of PKO prize pool, participants have won more than $1.17 million as prizes. This includes players like Ole Schemion. More than 22,000 players were a part of the event.

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