Phil Galfond Introduces Unique Poker Challenge

Super High Stakes challenge has been introduced by Phil Galfond to players who can digest various types of hands where the loser has to pay $100, that too for each hand. Galfond is a man who was feared in almost every tournament. He has invited this big money play with the hope to bring life into his own poker site Run It Once Poker.

Galfond Challenge has been issued on the Run It Once blog. It said that although the hands of $100-$200 for each hand will be the ideal aim of the challenge, he wants to go slow as $50 or $25 for each hand. Also, he himself is going to lose some of the money if someone beats him in his own challenge. He says that he would prefer it if the game follows the rules that pertain to Pot-Limit Omaha which is his favorite. Galfond has stated that in case people do not show enough interest in Pot-Limit Omaha then he can opt for No-Limit Hold’em. However, he was quick enough to say that he said it only as a joke.

Surprising Response Startles Galfond

In case Galfond had considered that people not taking interest in this poker with high-stakes is going to forthcoming to respect to his challenge. Surely, he was in for a surprise. Only a few hours after the challenge had been posted on his blog by the man himself who calls himself the “washed-up ex-pro”, about 10 high-bet punters had given a response to the call by Galfond. It seemed like they looked forward to playing with big money.

The terms for the challenge is presently being coined by Galfond and some of the opponents who are interested in the event. The one who has issued this unique challenge still has not revealed the names of the participants who are coming over to play. However, Galfond has chosen to reveal Bill Perkins, the occasional high-stakes and multi-millionaire.

The Big Spender

Galfond, as well as Perking, have not wasted any time when it came to introducing the rules for their personal battleground on the popular social media site, Twitter. The public has now started to hash out on the rules. It is expected that this will attract more big spenders for the challenge.

The recent movement of the challenge involved everything. This includes negotiating money advantage for Galfond. Apart from being the one who issued the challenge, he is the most experienced and skilled. Surely, Perking has received some support as he negotiating an opportunity and punt his new book and philanthropic work names Die with Zero.

Phil Galfond is confident in regards to his skills and is one of the most powerful players in the world of poker. He has a strong online record. Tom Dwan and he belongs to the same era. His newly introduced challenge is quite similar to that of the Durrrr Challenge that had been introduced by Dwan. He says that he will proceed as per the norms to make sure that it doesn’t lead to failure.

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