PokerGo Set To Reveal Secret About History of the Poker Industry in their New Docuseries

According to reports PokerGo, poker central’s streaming service aired the first episode of their new gaming industry docuseries on Saturday. The new series is set to feature mind-blowing details about some house-holds names and legendary players such as gangster Benny Binnion, tragic hero, Stu Ungar and the skilled Chip Reese. There will also be episodes focusing on the violent history of the mysterious Sin City. According to PokerGo, the docuseries will feature six parts to give viewers an inside look at the origins and operations of the real money gaming industry.

The series rightfully named “Legends of the Game” takes viewers as far back as the opening of the first modern casino I1 Ridotto. According to Poker Central president, Samson Simons, the history of poker has incredible stories that “shape the world of gambling today.” Simons also stated that poker Central had a goal to share compelling stories to poker fans. The first episode premiered on Saturday 28th September 2019, detailing the life of Benny Binnion, the infamous gangster and poker icon. The docuseries precedes another film, “Blood Aces” scripted off a book that describes the gangsters’ crimes and how he shaped Las Vegas gambling culture.

Poker Central also confirmed that all-new episodes would be available for streaming on PokerGo. The docuseries will only run for six weeks on Saturdays with each episode focusing on the exploits of a modern poker legend. For instance, next Saturday (5th October) will star Stu Ungar, a three-time main-event champion at the world series of poker (WSOP). Stu, who died at the age of 45 following struggles with drug use and personal problems, was one of only two punters to win the WSOP main-event more than twice. Another legend that will be featured in the docuseries includes David Reese (chip), one of the best cash game skills punter.

Besides poker legends, the documentary will also cover how Sin City evolved from a desert into a tourist destination, highlighting its mobs and violence. According to PokerGo, the show will explore pokers’ mysterious origins. This has eluded many researchers, especially since it spans several continents and involves con artists as well as fact-less stories.

The OTT subscription services, known for streaming worldwide live poker events, also plans to reach non-poker lovers by showing a documentary like no other. “Legends of the games” was cinematically shot in 4k to highlight iconic and historical moments in the birth and evolution of gambling. It is the only poker docuseries of such qualities, covering 500 years of poker history, including the birth of WSOP poker festival, the opening of the first casino and critical moments that shaped modern gambling.

PokerGo is a direct-to-customer subscription service offering exclusive access to World Poker Tours, Super High Roller Ball, US Poker Open, WSOP, and Poker Masters among many others. The streaming service is accessible through Amazon fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chrome cast, X-Box, iPhone, Android, iPad, and Pc. The Benny Binnion episode is already available for streaming and download in various online platforms.

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