PokerStars has Introduced Two New Cash Games

Two brand new cash games have been launched by PokerStars. Tempest Hold’em and Deep Water Hold’em. Both the games follow the exclusive style by PokerStars which ties them perfectly to the other limited cash games which have been launched by this online provider. Deep Water Hold’em is known to be a deep stack game, while Tempest Hold’em is short-stacked. The latter follows the style of fold or all-in.

Both the titles have been designed in the same format as Split Hold’em, Showtime Hold’em, and Unfold. Each one of the recent releases follows a limited-time cash game style. It appears to be a recurring theme for this online provider and brand.

The PokerStars managing director, Severin Rasset has said that they know that poker players have different types of motivation when it comes to playing poker and they keep on learning about them as they develop new games. Whether it is the quick action of PokerStars Tempest or the strategic battle of the Deep Water, that attracts you, PokerStars has the goal to bring in something every time you log into their site. The online provider is always looking to get better with each hand you play.

The Giant Blind

One interesting feature which has been added to the new cash games is Giant Blind. This is twice the Big Blind’s size. The Giant Blind will be posted by players to the left of Big Blind. It is clear that PokerStars seems to be moving into a playing format of all or nothing. This is something which might appear to be a bit risky but the style has grown to be highly popular among punters.

Deep Water Hold’em and Tempest Hold’em complement one another and in this, the divergence is going to take place as per the original amount of Poker that will be played for each. In case of Deep Water, the lowest buy-in is 50 times the Giant Blind’s value. This means that the buyer is going to set a punter back a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $150.

This game can really shake things up a lot and it is a sentiment that is appreciated by several online punters who are careful about the amount of time that they spend. No doubt, this was the primary motivation behind games.

Tempest Hold’em is a Game for the Brave

Of course, Tempest Hold’em by PokerStars is the exact opposite of another game that has been released along with it. The buy-ins for the game are set at 5-10 times Giant Blind and it is a game that is not ready to suffer the strategist.

It is fast-paced and short-stacked. The fold or all-in playing style has made a precious room for the players to turn this way or that way and there is not much time for playing around with the chance of approach. Since there is no such thing as post-flop play, it can be said to be a game for the brave. And you should keep your eyes open for more exciting variants to be introduced, soon.

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