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Legends, the New Weekly Rewards by Run It Once Poker

Run it Once Poker has introduced a new loyalty scheme which is going to change how a player gets rewarded after they provide their feedback and it is taken into consideration. This loyalty program has been named Legends. It is a weekly cash back program and resembles the rake style where punters used to be rewarded with direct cash in percentages to the amount of stake that they played on the table.

The new reward program has been introduced on 25th November, Monday.

Run it once Poker Splash the Pot isn’t Going Anywhere

The brand new rewards program is going to work in combination with Splash the Pot, the revolutionary rewards program. This program had been designed in such a manner that it made way for the legends.

Back in time, Splash the Pot used to provide players with a return of 51% on the stakes that were collected at the table as extra cash that was distributed at random on the tables between a big blind and thousand big blinds. As of now, it is going to function as it used to but the proportion of Splash the Pot program is going to be cut to 30% from 51%.

Splash the Pot is a popular feature among punters. However, the founder of Run It Once Poker, Phil Galfond has written in his blog post,

“we’ve also heard grumblings from players who have wanted something more – something similar to what they’re used to seeing on other sites.”

Get 75% Rakeback at Run It Once Poker

Players now have the opportunity to earn 75% rakeback. The system of Legend will reward players between 10%-30% rakeback and this is going to depend on the tier. Rewards will be paid to the player directly as cash when the weekends. Moreover, if the players are maintaining the same tier or rank for 4 consecutive weeks, the rakeback can increase to 45%. The maximum rakeback is 75% when you include the Splash the Pot bonus.

Legends Rewards: How does it Work?

Legends is going to provide players with 5 tiers,

  • Clubs
  • Diamonds
  • Hearts
  • Spades
  • Legends

Each of the tiers will consist of 5 different levels other than Legends. This means players get unlimited levels to play. When they complete a level, the players are going to be rewarded with cash along with points that boost up their level. For every €0.05 gross rake paid, the player is going to earn a point.

The Club tiers entry-level starts with a rakeback of 10% and this is absolutely achievable for someone who has to earn at least 60 points. This is almost like paying €3 as a total rake. The cash rewards will keep on increasing when players generate more points. This tempts players to invest more volume which is the complete opposite of the whole industry.

Legends, the final tier offers a guaranteed €900 as cash rewards for 90,000 points that players obtain throughout the week. The rakeback is given at the end of the week.

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