Sports Betting in the US Post PASPA

Since the Ruling out of the Bradley Act also commonly known as Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), Sports betting has steadily continued to rise across the US. If you are wondering, what PASPA was and what it represented, it was the one Acts in the constitution that prohibited sports betting in all of the US with Nevada, parts of Oregon and Delaware being exceptions.

Sports gambling has always been in play in the US both legally using sports books and illegally using private sites. The main issue with this is the factor of rigging in championships which many believe takes away the integrity in sportsmanship. The 2002 NBAs are a great example of the negative effects of sports betting.

PASPA was a regulation that was put in place to prevent the addictive and negative effects of gambling addiction and stop it altogether. The former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley was the main man behind the passing of PASPA in 1992.

The repeal of PASPA in 2018 gave states the right and freedom to form new laws concerning online gambling. This means that since the year 1992, it was impossible for online gambling to be regulated because PASPA put a barrier.

What Is Happening Now That Legislation Can Be Made?

The reason why many people were in favor of the repeal of PASPA is that it held back a huge and profitable market. Billions of dollars are literally at stake and even the government stands to make huge profits in gambling taxes if there is proper legislation in place.

The state that fought the most for the repeal of PAPSA was New Jersey. At the time when PASPA was put in place, a period of one year was waived for states to create legislation to control sports betting. This was done specifically for New Jersey to make rules for Atlantic City but they did not take advantage of this waiver.

That means that besides being the main state to fight for the repeal of PASPA, they were the first ones to also enact policies that would regulate sports betting in Atlantic City and the rest of Jersey. That was the first time near-monopoly Nevada enjoyed began to dissipate and Americas betting world began to naturally evolve.

What is happening in New York?

New York was also quick to jump on the wagon when PASPA was lifted. While only a small number of casinos upstate New York had the license for sports betting, many more have since been approved. The online scene is, however, evolving slowly as of now.

New York is expected to create new regulations that will help streamline the process of online betting for all kinds of sports. Many people focus on New York legislation because it is the headquarters of some of the largest sports corporations including NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Some legislation is being drafted to allow more casinos, OTBs and racetrack races to be included in licensing. Anyone above the age of 21 years can take part in the New York betting scene legally just not on online platforms yet.

There is no question as to whether or not online sports gambling will be legalized in all states. The slow progress in the change of the system that forbids it is a small bump in what is to be expected in the long term.

“One in four dollars gambled is gambled online” according to Accounting Firm Joseph Eve. This is only the beginning of what the online betting world is capable of. If black Friday does not repeat itself, the only way is up for online betting.

The repeal of PAPSA has given leeway for well-organized legislation and so far, over a hundred and fifty bills have been passed on sports betting across the US. This is the beginning of a new era and billions are at stake.

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