Thinking Of Moving To a Different Country to Play Online Poker?

The thought of moving to play online poker legally can sound nearly impossible. That is why companies like Poker Refugees are a dream come true for many professional players.

The laws that prevent online poker in the US have been a huge hindrance to its professional development. Black Friday still looms darkly over many players heads and it is scary to risk playing in the US anymore.

That is precisely why a lot of people are opting to move to a whole new country just to legally access online betting sites. The poker refugee’s website claims to have resettled well over 700 players to sixty-seven cities over twenty-seven countries as of November 2019.

This is a huge number of interested online players who have had to leave their homes due to restrictions by legislation. Professional gamers have been the most affected as they cannot work from home if their “work” so to speak is illegal.

Digital Poker Nomads?

Digital nomadism has been the topic of discussion in the recent past and for many great reasons. People are now able to easily work full time remotely as long as they have access to an internet connection. That means that you can now travel full time and still work while on the go.

That is partly why poker refugees is gaining so much popularity. As the bills continue to crack the whip on online gamblers, poker players are finding alternative solutions to these legislative hindrances.

Digital nomads are now using platforms like Poker Refugees to start their lives in new cities across the world. They are perfecting their skills while at it. The only issue being brought forward is that it is difficult to set up roots in a nomadic lifestyle.

One famous poker player Brian Hastings who lost a huge fortune in 2011’s black Friday says he is looking for a city to call home for at least “eight months a year.” He claims the nomadic lifestyle as a full-time player is affecting his relationships.

Is It Sustainable To Play Poker And Travel?

For US citizens, playing online poker has become too complex and even downright risky (even riskier) long after PAPSA repeal. What most amateurs worry about is whether or not they will be able to sustain a lifestyle in a foreign country using only online poker.

The major advantage of professional poker is the ability to win huge sums of money in one sitting. If you have what it takes to win, then one win can sustain a good life for a long time.

The wisest thing that any player can do is supplement his or her income in other ways when living like a nomad. Affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and several other online businesses can easily make the situation more manageable.

The very act of playing poker online is one that can be done anywhere as long as there is a great internet connection. That should be one important aspect to think about when travelling and playing. Time zones for live games need to be considered as well when picking the right city for your huge move.

Overall, as the US figures out the laws that will regulate and streamline online gambling, people still have viable alternatives that they can take advantage of and continue to play. With many players having lost millions on poker websites in the US, it is safer for them to take a chance and go where their money is safer.  It is now possible and easier than ever to live a sustainable life playing online poker abroad.

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