Top 6 Poker Players You Should Follow On Twitch Now

Twitch first rose to prominence through video games. Viewers not only watched other people play live games but also were able to chat with them as well as other members of the public. Today, the streaming service has ventured into other areas. It hosts cooking shows, podcasts, talk shows, betting markets and poker streams.

By streaming on Twitch, online poker pros and talented new players have discovered a way to diversify. Through the platform, pokers players broadcast themselves playing poker online. Others stream actual poker games. A few provide tips and hints on strategy as well as reading other players.

With numerous players on Twitch, it is prudent to find a selected few that stand out from the rest. As the Twitch poker streams get better and better, here are some names you should follow now:

Jason ‘’JCarver’’ Somerville

In addition to having a WSOP bracelet, Jason, aka ‘’JCarver’’ has raked more than $3.5 million in terms of live tournament cashes. His channel is the only one with over 200k viewers and growing. What makes his channel unique is the fact that he is an all-around streamer. Therefore, you can look forward to educational and entertaining content.

Twitch Followers: 232,400

Lex Veldhuis

Lex Veldhuis is an active member of PokerStars Team Online. He is a successful tournament player with impressive online results playing under an alias ‘’RaSZi.’’ Hailing from the Netherlands, he boasts numerous appearances on different poker TV shows that have been pivotal in helping his Twitch channel grow. He plays an array of high stakes tournaments, majorly No-Limit Hold’em. Lex also takes part in other variations such as PLO.

If you’re looking for a channel to pick up some strategies, then you need to follow Lex on Twitch.

Twitch Followers: 181,500

Jaime Staples

Do you want to learn poker and improve your knowledge? Staples shares his insights on various interesting spots. He’s very active in answering questions from his audience.

Twitch Followers: 125,000

Parker ‘’tonkaaaap’’ Talbot

Parker is another popular poker Twitch streamer. He goes by his nickname ‘’tonkaaaap.’’ Among the best online tournament grinders, he has amassed over $3million in tournament cash outs throughout his career. His streams are ideal for poker enthusiasts looking for entertainment. Parker’s streams are so much fun. He has a way of making his audience feel at home, as they watch.

Twitch Followers: 97,700

Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross aka ‘’JeffGrossPoker’’ is a member of the PartyPoker Team Online. Hailing from the USA, he is very active on Twitch. His online and live earnings combined are approximately $5 million. Jeff’s channel is perfect for Omaha and No-Limit Hold’em players. He primarily streams Omaha and No-Limit Hold’em tournaments with plenty of live commentaries that focus on the game’s different strategic aspects.

Twitch Followers: 57,600

Fernando Habegger

Also known as ‘’JNandezPoker’’, Fernando Habegger might not be a popular name in many circles. Nonetheless, he is among the top Pot Limit players in Omaha at the highest stakes. If you are a poker aficionado that does not mind sporadic content, you should consider following Fernando.

Twitch Followers: 18,300

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