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Black Friday Sale by Upswing Poker is Underway

For people looking to hone their poker skills through an online course, there is good news. Upswing Poker has cut down the price by 25% as the Black Friday Sale. Irrespective of the skill level of the player or the type of game they play, Upswing has an elaborate course that will enable players to take the game to the next level.

In case someone is a No-Limit Hold’em player and dabbles in tournaments and games, Upswing Poker Lab is an ideal choice for you. Also, someone looks for advanced coaching for the tournament from the top players of the world. For Black Friday, you can get coaching from Nick Petrangelo for Winning Poker Tournaments.

This is not all, the company has also introduced coursed for mixed games, Pot Limit Omaha, high-level cash, heads-up. The sale is going to come to an end on 2nd December, Monday. So, players should immediately take advantage of this.

The Upswing Poker Lab

This a great option for someone who is looking for a mid or low-stakes cash game and also someone who likes tournaments. It is a comprehensive No-Limit Hold’em training course which is updated every week. The price for this is $74 for the first month. Players will be able to save more money with a yearly or six-month plan.

The members of the Upswing Poker Lab are going to be taught by elite coaches such as Daniel “DANMERR” Merrilees, Doug Polk, Moritz Dietrich, Jason McConnon, Ryan Fee, Fried “mynameiskarl” Meulders, and Parker “tonkaaaap” Talbot.

The things that players are going to get from this are,

  • 69 modules for learning which will help to learn important winning concepts.
  • 259 preflop charts for live cash games, tournaments, and online cash games.
  • 206 Play and Explain videos that allow players to watch the game played by the coaches.
  • Access to a poker group reserved for members only where you will receive help with the strategy.

The coaches of the Upswing Poker lab have been adding extra content to the course for a period of four years and players will get access to it when they join.

Nick Petrangelo and Winning Poker Tournaments

Winning Poker Tournaments are for serious poker players as it is a training course that teaches players cutting-edge strategies explained by the best poker experts in the world. The price has been reduced to $749.

Things that you are going to get are,

  • Fifteen hours of video training regarding strategy on the tournament, dynamics, and theory.
  • The personal Preflop Mastersheet of Nick containing more than 250 chars for size different depths of the stack.
  • 22 Play and Explain video featuring Nick discussing his strategy.

Nick is one of the best online and live tournament players in the world who doesn’t like holding back his course.

Mixed Game

This is for limit and mixed game player. It is a comprehensive course that covers 5 of the most common and significant types of games: Stud 8, Stud, Razz, 2-7 Triple Draw, and Omaha 8. The price has been slashed down to $749 and players get a video that covers game strategy for limit mixed. At Upswing Poker, Players get to learn from Jake Abdalla, the most feared player in the world of mixed games.

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