What The Documentary ‘Poker Queens’ Means For Women In Professional Poker

The WSOP championships have been a male-dominated event for the better part of its 50-year history. Women have played a small part historically as pro players. That is slowly evolving. Women have not had as much representation as to their male counterparts in the WSOP main events.

Women constitute only 5% of all poker players in the world and so far, there has not been a WSOP female winner yet. The 2019 WSOP event has a good number of female pros playing for the queen of poker title and we can follow them on their journey in the Poker Queens Documentary 2019.

The Poker Queens documentary that is set to be released in November 2019 follows these women as they play to win. Sandra Mohr, a professional poker player herself, has produced it. Her leading crew made up entirely of women.

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While we all know the beautiful faces of the top women in poker, most people have no idea what it is like to be a professional in that field.  According to the official Queens of Poker website, this documentary “explores the struggles of women in the world of professional poker”.

Mohr said in an interview that women are coming up strong and a change is coming in poker for women. By following these champions as they compete, they will enjoy more respect in the world they represent.

The professional poker players in this film have had significant success in their careers. The goal is to come on top in this year’s series of games and not only be the female champion in poker but also the world champion.

Women have successfully played professional poker for many decades. There has not been a documentary before that will quite capture what Mohr has promised in this film.

Some of the famous faces that you should expect to see include:

‘Poker Alice’

While she is not taking part in the 2019 WSOP, Alice Ivers is the epitome of professional women poker players. Born in the year 1851, she became a world-famous poker player distracting her male opponents with her gorgeous looks. A film about her starring the famous Elizabeth Taylor made her a household name in women’s poker. She passed away in her seventies and still inspires women in poker today.

Kelly Minkin

Minkin is an intelligent professional poker player cum Lawyer from Tucson Arizona. While she had already featured twice in the top 50 WSOP players, she is yet to carry home the winning price. This year, we follow her journey as she battles yet again to become the queen of poker. We look forward to seeing her growth since her 156k prize in the last WSOP main event.

Barbara Enright

Another famous face in poker and the first female poker Hall-of-Famer that is featured in this series is Barbara Enright. Always a high achiever, Barbara is also the first female player to be on the final table on the 1995 WSOP games and came out in 5th place. She is a force to reckon with and a role model to aspiring female poker players around the world.

‘Liv’ Boeree

An English native and astrophysics graduate, Olivia Boeree is a well-known professional poker player. Her career took off on national TV and has never stopped since. She is another Important face in the history of women’s poker that you can expect to see in the Poker Queens documentary.

The Global Poker Index has acclaimed her as the female player of the year for three consecutive years (2010-2016). Boeree is also a humanitarian and philanthropist. She has managed to raise over six million dollars for different charities.

The aforementioned are just a few of the famous poker players you can expect to see in this documentary. This documentary should shed some light on what it truly takes to be one of these women we all admire. It demystifies the world behind the glitz and glamour of shiny Las Vegas and the poker culture. It drops less than a month and we cannot wait to see it!

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