Peter Kaemmerlen Secures a Wins at Card Player Poker Tour Seneca

Peter Kaemmerlen Secures a Wins at Card Player Poker Tour Seneca Fall Poker Classic Main Event, 2019

Peter Kaemmerlen has achieved victory from a field that saw 247 entries for winning Card Poker Tour Seneca Main Event of $1000 no-limit hold’em.

Peter is an IT manager from New York’s Fairport and he earned $53,419. He has also won a spot on the Card Player magazine cover as the main event’s champion. The score was the 2nd largest in his career and is only behind 6th place showing in the main event of World Poker Tour Montreal 2012 for $113,792. The win in the main event of CPPT at Seneca Niagara Casino has contributed to a lifetime tournament earnings of $418,848.

Apart from the money and the title, Kaemmerlen has also achieved points for Card Player’s Player of the Year. This had been the first qualified score for POY. This is the first recorded victory in a live tournament.

Kaemmerlen went into the final day in the 3rd chip position among 4 players with play continuing past which made the final table late on the 2nd day. When the 3rd day resumed, Veerab Zakarian and Tom Babiarz had been ahead of the chip count of Kaemmerlen. The day had started with a short stack from Henry Zou and it did not take him much time to go all-in. The final hand he had put him at risk with pocket 6s against Tom Babiarz’s A-K. An A on the river provided Babiarz with the plot. This eliminated Zou from his 4th place. The Michigan resident Saginaw earned $17,878 for this strong saw in the event.

After this, Babiarz extended the lead with a knockout. However, Kaennerien was able to close the gap to some extent by winning the key all-in against the winner of the main event of the Mid-States Poker Tour, 2018, Veerab Zakarian. Kaemmerlen had called a shove from him who held pocket deuces. Kaemmerlen has been up against Zakarian’s A-3 offsuit. By the end, the deuces were the best hand. It made trips as another deuce hit the river. As Zakarian hit the rail in the 3rd place, Kaemmerlen chipped up to 3,500, 000 after the hand.

With Babiarz leading the game with 3900000, the heads-up play started. However, Kaemmerlen was soon able to make his way up to the top. In the tournament’s final hand, Kaemmerlen had flopped two pair and received all chips against Babiarz but flush draw. On the turn, Kaemmerlen secured a full house which left Babiarz drawing a dead. This gave Kaemmerlen the title and the pot in the process. As a runner-up, Babiarz received $33,576.

The poker room of Seneca Gaming and Entertainment is open 24/7 and is located on the 1st floor of Seneca Niagara Casino. It is a 23 table room that contains 13 big TVs, free drinks, free Wi-Fi-, free parking, and also rewards for players. It offers a large collection of poker games. This world-class game opened its door in 2002.

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