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Warner Ghere Bags a Win at Card Player Poker Tour

Warner Ghere has apprehended the main event of Card Player Poker Tour held in South Dakota. The resident of Rapid City, SD overpowered a total field of 157 entries for taking down the no-limit Hold’em main event of CPPT Deadwood Shootout $1100 buy-in. He secured the first place in the event and won a trophy.

The event started on Friday at Silverado-Franklin Historic Hotel & Gaming Complex on November 8th with the first two beginning fights. The first day saw 69 entries, with 8 players moved on to the second day. On 9th November, Saturday, 88 entries were made in the second half of the first day. This brings the number of 157 fields and the prize pool amounted to $152,290. Only 15 players moved on the second day from a fight in the second starting.

On November 10th, Sunday, the event saw 24 players returning to play down to a championship. However, just the top 18 are going to win the money. The day began with Ghere being in chip lead and secured 401,500 after a day after the first half of the first day. Rick Burleson belongs to the next largest stack who ended the second half with 331,500.

Towards the end, the event saw Burleson and Ghere against each other. Ultimately, Ghere bagged the win. Burleson failed to win the second bog title to be won at Silverado-Franklin Historic Hotel & Gaming Complex. In the 2018 State Poker Championship of South Dakota, Burleson had managed to defeat the field of 286 entrants and win the event. At the present event, he won $25,965 as the runners-up, this lead to his earnings from live tournament amounting to $96,141.

Apart from the money and the title, Ghere has also been provided with 288 points in Card Player of the Player as the event Champion. This was the first POY qualified score of his career. The POY 2019 has been sponsored by Global Poker.

The Silverado-Franklin Historic Hotel & Gaming Complex is a casino featuring 5 round table poker rooms, 22 blackjack tables, and 375 slot machines.  For the CPPT main events, additional poker tables had been brought in.

Glodt said, “We are very customer-service oriented, providing food and free drinks for our players when they are at the table.”

The casino runs special promotions just as point multipliers on the cards of the player, jackpots hand with better or quads. Glodt also says,

“We’ve also received really great feedback from players who’ve visited us for any of our previous larger tournament events.”

The casino looks forward to keep up with those lines for the new players who are going to join the upcoming CPPT event.

Silverado-Franklin has hosted many significant poker tournaments over the years which include State Poker Championship of South Dakota. In 2019, Sergio Mireles had been the topper of a filed with 258 entries to win the Mid-States Poker Tour $1100 buy-in event for $60,946. Apart from the exciting action, the event provides the players with a chance to visit the colorful history of Wild West.

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