PokerStars PSPC will Make a Comeback in Barcelona next Summer

This year’s European Poker Tour (EPT) hosted in Barcelona, Spain will ignite more memories to poker enthusiasts. This is after the announcement of the return of PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) exactly at a time like this next year. While making the revelation, the Stars Group CEO Rafi Ashkenazi said, “we expect the PokerStars players to live up to the global standards of live poker tournaments.”

Though someone would’ve easily mistaken Ashkenazi announcement as ambitious, he was right about the possibilities and targets. The 1039 entries that the tournament attracted for the $25000 buy-in option is the new record for the money. The 2007 World Poker Tour Championship held the previous record that saw 639 entries.

Ramon Colillas was the winner of the first prize valued at $5.1 million in the tournament that was held in January. The return of the PSPC will be included in the EPT in Barcelona and will be hosted by Casino Barcelona next summer. It’s essential to note that the timing of the events shows that PSPC won’t be part of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA).

Various options to obtain Platinum Passes

Just the same way the build-up to the 2019 PSPC was, the process will run for a whole year to grant individuals who cannot raise the $25000 buy-in a chance to participate. The value of a Platinum prize is estimated to be about $30000 and is packaged with lot of fun activities. The package includes a six-night stay in Barcelona for two, expenses, and the flight cost. The package will equally cater for the buy-in to the landmark tournament.

PokerStars had already unrolled the process of awarding Platinum Passes for the 2020 event. The EPT journey in Barcelona witnessed the promotion of “Chase Your Dream” that handed five Platinum Passes to five winners. Prior to their conquering, the five contestants had submitted their video applications. The five winners had gone to contest for the €10000 prize only to learn that they had secured their march to the 2020 PSPC tournament.

Like last year, PokerStars will be making massive shows to display the Platinum Passes. Poker players can go to the PSPC site for a chance to view upcoming challenges for Platinum Passes. The initial challenge for the rare tickets will be available on, which is slated for the coming Sunday. The next other two Sundays will provide other opportunities to bag Platinum Passes on and

Namur, Belgium is another destination that is gearing for a live poker festival that will see a random winner bag a Platinum Pass of the second day of the event. The winner of the Pass on the second day of the main event doesn’t have to take part in the 2020 event.

The September event will present an opportunity for participants in the online qualifiers and live players to be the lucky eight individuals in the random draw. However, the eight people that will be fortunate in the draw will battle for a single Platinum Pass, will battle it out in the Crazy Pineapple contest.

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