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PokerStars Decides to Drop the eSports Hybrid Poker Game, Power Up

PokerStars reported that it is all set to shut down their most ambiguous project, Power Up, the eSports hybrid poker. Nevertheless, players need not have to worry as the online poker giants will keep releasing innovative and new games. Power Up had been launched more than two years back. It has been introduced officially in 2017.

Before it was launched in public, this game went through several testing because of the complicated use of technology and elements. Power Up is a 3 handed No-Limit Hold’em Poker that has a touch of eSports.

The primary behind launching the game was to reactivate the players who might have gotten bored with the usual poker games. Even though PokerStars is not the first entity to have combined video games and poker, Power Up had been the only one to be released in the real money version.

The 3-handed game has the format of winner take all. However, it doesn’t have the jackpot element which players can find in Spin & Go. The game is available in 5 different buy-ins and is played with a blind structure. Following some initial marketing and support from the ambassadors of PokerStars, they didn’t push Power-Up much. Rather it rolled out novelty games such as Showtime and Split Hold’em.

In spite of a PokerStars representative saying that Power Up has a loyal and strong following, it seems like the game didn’t catch up primarily. Power Up is not alone when it comes to eSports hybrid. HoldemX is another title that was made available in 2016 by Mediarex, the company that holds the Global Poker League. However, this game is no longer available in the app stores and social media accounts dedicated to it also dormant for more than 3 years.

Irrespective of the apparent miss by Power Up, the money that had been spent didn’t go all in vain as the game engine that had been built for powering up is now the reason behind all online clients of PokerStars.

What’s so Special about Power Up?

The primary attraction of Power Up is the concept of special power cards. This enables the players to manipulate their hands as per their advantage. A total of 11 cards are dealt randomly with only specialized power like being able to check the cards that are on the deck, swapping the hole cards of the players, and checking the hole cards of the opponents.

The ability of all power cards will depend on its energy. They are going to be useless if all energy is exhausted. So, players should know when they have to use the card for augmenting the winning odds. When the game starts, each player is going to get 10 energy points and 2 poker cards. They can manipulate the hands with the help of multiple powers provided there is enough energy left.

More Games on Tap

The fans of Power Up might not be happy to learn it is soon going to be discontinued but someone who is looking for a new game will get a welcome new soon. Reports have to say two games are on the line Deep Water Hold’em and Tempest Hold’em.

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