What Andrew Yang U.S. Presidential Candidate Thinks About Online Poker Legislation

Andrew Yang is a Democratic presidential election candidate for the United States in the upcoming 2020 election. He filed his consent to run for office on 6th November 2017.

One of the critical subjects in his manifesto is the legislation of online poker games. The debate has raised heat amongst his opponents, and every state stands on different grounds on the issue. The legalization of online poker has termed to be a complicated subject in the past. It could all take a different turn if Andrew Yang clenches the seat as the United States president.

On his Twitter page, he has taken a stand to let the public know his position on online poker. His supporters are on his side on the issue, saying that only four states have legalized poker in the entire United States.

Despite the government being openly against it, the United States accounts for some of the largest sites in online poker around the world. These sites are run by the underworld lords who end up doing malicious practices since the law does not protect the players in the trade.

It means that if a site cons your hard-earned cash, there are chances you will also be in trouble if you file a report to the authorities since you are also participating in the outlawed game. Yang’s supporters echo his sentiments stating that legislation of online poker will protect legit players against the unjust practices by the owners of the online poker sites.

His tweeter posts have drawn a lot of attention, especially from the biggest names in the poker universe including an invitation to interview from legends such as Joey Ingram.

“I invite you on my show to expand on your tweet related to the online poker in the US. The situation for American players needs help. Some people are taking advantage of players with safeguards in place. Kindly RT for cognizance! Thank you for your care,” Joey Ingram retweeted in response to Yang’s post.

In his tweet, Andrew yang said that, the four states that allow poker do not have standard rules, making it hard for players to enjoy unified laws on the game. By harmonizing the laws and replicating them to the 50 states, the poker players and the companies running the trade will benefit, and revenues from the taxes could help control the addiction.

American Online Poker; Past, Present, and Future

The legendary planet poker launched its first online poker games in the early 1998 and introduced the game officially in the United States. It was a huge hit and players loved it. It encouraged other players into the scene such as Party Poker, Sporting bet, and PokerStars to run the trade in the United States.

Everything was going well in the industry for over a decade which saw the market getting populated with over five hundred poker sites in the country.  However, in the year 2011, the justice department of America put the poker domains of the critical sites on lockdown. It was an apocalyptic poker event in the United States that saw Full Tilt, Absolute Poker and PokerStars domains seized by the justice department. This awakening caused online poker sites to leave the American market.

In the fall of the incoming year, the Delaware state made the first move to try and return things to normal and legalized the casino and online poker games. In 2013 New Jersey and Nevada did the same and made the legislation of the industry. Pennsylvania followed suit in the year 2018 making a total of four states that recognized poker games. 

Then, enter Andrew Yang. Whether this is a stunt to gain publicity for election in the incoming 2020 United States presidential elections, he surely has secured the votes of the online poker players. Either way, if he wins the seat and implements his manifesto, it will be a win-win situation for him, the poker players in the US as well as the country’s economy.

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