Why Poker Is Stirring Political Heat At Kentucky

Rarely do online poker games get that much attention on the political scene. However, in Kentucky Gubernatorial political platforms, online poker is one of the issues characterizing the political arena. According to New Jersey’s monthly publications, online gambling, especially in the casinos, is one of the most profitable sectors in Kentucky. Not many political candidates are prepared to take the heat when it comes to betting. Most of them provide mild support, if any and, mainly focus on light sort betting.

However, the current Kentucky attorney general Andy Beshear has stirred some stormy issues regarding online poker games. He is one of the candidates in the race for the state’s governorship. He has openly stated that he fully supports gambling games, and he would want to see more Kentuckians involved in it. Andy promises to expand existing gambling establishments from fantasy sports, casinos, sports betting, and, more importantly, online poker.

Ironically, his father, the former Kentuckian governor, placed 141 online gambling platforms under seizure in 2008. He said that the gambling operators are part of the underworld and termed them

‘’the leeches that feed on our communities.’’

It did not go as planned as the issue was appealed in court. Judges overturned attempts to ban online poker platforms.

Beshear has outrightly challenged Mr. Bevin, a candidate from the Republican Party, on the issue on media platforms and through campaign records.

At the start of this month, Bevin and Beshear officially met for their campaign debate to talk about several pivotal issues. The event that took place at Paducah saw the two contestants tackle several matters affecting Kentucky. Among the most controversial ones touched on gambling and online poker.

One of the interesting points Beshear made was to use gambling to solve the job gap in the community.

He added that drugs like marijuana could create a great source of revenue, and he supports their legalization.

According to him, legalizing gambling in the Kentucky community will bring more jobs and even better-paying ones.

At an interview with the Courier-Journal, Beshear stood ground with his view, adding that the revenue generated from the gambling industry will spur economic growth. He also said that the luxury items industry has many tax loopholes, which most people ore ignoring while trying to focus on fighting the gambling trade.

“We can generate millions of dollars from sports betting, casino gaming, fantasy sports, and online poker,” he said.

Several other prominent people have echoed his statement saying it is okay as long as they proceed with caution. John Hicks, a Libertarian candidate, supported Beshear’s sentiments on online gambling. He stated clearly that he also supports the expansion of the industry as long as they do not end up with monopolies in the process.

On his online campaign site, Beshear has devoted a whole section on the issue of gambling expansion.

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