Adrian Mateos

Adrian Mateos Proves Himself the Best Player of Caribbean Poker Party

25 years old Adrian Mateos is young but has already managed to prove himself as the best tournament poker performer in the world. Till now, he is the youngest one to bagged 3 bracelets of World Series of Poker. In this entire poker career, he has managed to $19.4 million is leading in terms of money in Spain, his home country. He further sealed his spot in the game list of the best player in the last week as he won subsequent marquee events at Caribbean Poker Party, 2019.

The first one among the two title runs was the higher roller event of $25,500 buy-in; $2 million guaranteed no-limit Hold’em. This tournament saw 125 entries which can be considered to be a sizable turnout. Thus, the final prize pool of the event resulted in $3,125,000.

Adrian Mateos was able to conquer the final table which included players like Darren Elias, the 4-time winner of the main event of World Poker Tour; Orpen Kisacikoglu, the winner of MILLIONS Europe €100,000 high roller of 2019; Benjamin Pollak, the champion of €50,000 high roller of European Poker Tour Barcelona of 2018 and 3rd finished in the main event of WSOP; and Niall Farrell, the bracelet winner of €25,000 high roller, WSOP Europe 2017.

At last, the game resulted in a head-up clash between Brock Wilson, the American and Mateos. The latter had started with a chip disadvantage of 5:1 but was able to make his way back and even it out. Both had stacks that were closer in size and Wilson and Mateo came to a deal that saw Mateos securing $520,464 as Wilson locked up $619,536. The two players agreed to flip to win the title and the hand Mateos had turned out to be the winner.

Only 4 days later, Adrian Mateos turned out to be the winner in the circle, yet again. However, this time he came out shining in a field that had 948 entries in $10 million guaranteed and $10300 buy-in in the main event of Caribbean Poker Party MILLIONS World Bahamas no-limit Hold’em, 2019.

Even though there were almost 1000 entries, the final table was occupied by the top talents of the tournament. Philipp Gruissem, the two-time winner of the WPT Alpha8 event and German high roller, has finished 9th with $140,000. Peter Jetten, the cash game star had earned $250,000 as of the finisher in the 7th place. Lastly, Scott Wellenbach, 3rd place finisher of the main event of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, 2019 was placed in the 4th with $650,000.

A deal had been made between the final 3 players. Chris Hunichen locked $1097, 19 in, while the main event winner of WPT Legends of Poker, 2019 Aaron Van Blarcum secured $970,000, and Mateos received $1,062,805. All three left the title along with an amount of $100,000 to play for.

Mateos has managed to earn a total of 3204 points in Card Player of the Year list for the two victories.

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