Kristen Bicknell is the Winner of $25K NLH Poker Masters Event

Kristen Bicknell is the Winner of $25K NLH Poker Masters Event

51 players competed in Poker Masters 2019 for $408,000 to win $25,000, playing No-Limit Hold’em. She depended on a significant deficit for outlasting Chance Kornuth, the three times runners-up of Poker Masters.

In the Poker Masters’ heads up match held last week, Kornuth scored 0-3. He had been defeated by Isaac baron in Casino Hold’em of $10000, Ryan Laplante the CardsChat ambassador in Omaha’s $10,000 pot-limit, and now Kristen Bicknell in the series 6th event.

Even though he has failed to make it to the first place thrice, he is leading the series with the highest points. The winner of the series is going to receive Purple Jacket. Poker Master Champion from last year, Ali Imsirovic, secured the third place in the series.

Kristen Bicknell: First Female Champion of Poker Masters

Kristen Bicknell turns out to be the first female winner of the Poker Masters event. The participants of the first seventeen tournaments of this series that are now in its 3rd year were all male. Arguably, Bicknell is the top female player of the game that took place on 10th November 2019. She was been named GPI Female Player 2018-2019. She seems to be making her way to win the award for the 3rd consecutive year.

Chance Kornuth, the runners up, appear calm to dispatch his 1st event of Poker Masters after close shaves in the previous week. He made his place in the final table scheduled on Sunday with a large chip lead. The founder of Chip Leader Coaching had over half of the chips in the game as the final table of 6 started.

With the start of the 3-handed play, he had an edge of 6-1 over Ali Imsirovic, as well as Kristen Bicknell. However, the blind had been so large that his challenger in a fold or shove situation. Unfortunately, Kornuth ran into better hands and in succession doubled both players.

Cards Decide the Outcome

In the heads up play, Bicknell had been at a disadvantage of over 2-1. However, the blinds had been big enough to force her to fold or shove most of her hands. With blinds being 100,000/200,000 and a big ante of 200,000, she had taken the chance to move all-in for 9 big blind along with pocket 6s. She managed to win the race against Q-9 to increase the chip lead by 2 times.

A few moments later, Kristen Bicknell was in the seat of a beneficiary of a lucky river card. Every chip had been in the middle which totaled to 4.1m, prior to the flop with the runners up, Kornuth with pocket 9s against the pocket 8s.

Bicknell had a winning straight as the board ran 5-4-7-A-6 and she finished off the event of $25,000 Poker Masters. In the heads up play, Kornuth doesn’t have the chance to breathe. However, he has gathered 630 points from the series among five players which includes Bicknell. All five players have an equal point of 300.

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