Sam Soverel, the Winner of Poker Masters Purple Jacket 2019

Poker Master 2019 was being dominated by three people until the final event. However, in the end, Sam Soverel made his way to the top by defeating his competitors Kahle Burns and Chance Kornuth in the 10th Event. Not only did he bag the winner’s title but he also secured the Purple Jacket.

Sam Soverel has given a new meaning to the success of a high roller in 2019 as he not only won this 10-event series but also British Poker. He has just the right temperament and is a player who is unreadable. By becoming the winner of Poker Masters 2019, he has won $1.3 million. However, in the beginning, it didn’t appear like he is fighting for money but he outdid his competitor in an unimaginable manner.

Chance Kornuth had a lead in the early half of the match and Kahle Burns made a roaring entry into it but Sam Soverel couldn’t be written off the title. The Main Event of Poker Master with $50,000 entry was being dominated by Soverel who has always been in control even when he didn’t have a chip lead. 6 players remained and only 5 out of them could cash. Ali Imsirovic turned out to be the unlucky one. Even though he had the top kicker and top pair but was unable to stand against Stephen Chidwick.

Just 5 players remained as the contender for the money and Seth Davies was defeated when the pocket Qs he had run into the pocket Ks of Soverel. Chidwick got the 4th position and got eliminated in the same manner, only this time, the pocket Qs wasn’t a match to the pocket Ks of Chris ‘Big Huni’ Hunichen.

Elio Fox was unlucky enough to have a full house and even then lose to a better house. his 9s over 7s lost to the 9s over 8s of Soverel. This game has been a head-up clash. However, Sam Soverel used his winning hand of pocket Ks. He went into contention with a chip lead of 4:1 and he easily finished off the fight. His move covered all-in with Q-10. This saw Hunichen call pocket deuces. This was a race and Soverel overtook it coming from behind to win. He is the most deserving candidate of the crown.

After 10 events, he had outdone the best poker players in the world and has won more double than anyone else. He has cashed 7 out of 10 events. He received his Purple Jacket of Poker Masters 2019 from the 2018 winner Ali Imsirovic. Soverel felt grateful that his love for this game and is fondness of such competition has provided him with such a reward.

The additional money that Soverel received $100,000 was not as important as achievement and glory. He has always coveted this. Sam Soverel is gradually making his way towards adding his name to the history of poker games. He deserves to be remembered because of the way he played this year.

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