Allowing Underage Gambling Caused Two Iowa Caesar Casinos to Pay Fines

With a few days left before Caesar Entertainment celebrates its 82nd anniversary, the holding is grappling with financial losses in the form of fines. Two of the Caesar casinos in Iowa were last week fined for allowing underage person to gamble in their premises.

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission slapped both Hurrah’s Council of Bluffs and Horseshoe Council of Bluffs with fines for allowing underage individuals to gamble. Each casino failed to stop a person a piece from experiencing gaming activities. The liable casinos were collectively handed a total of $50000 for their negligence.

The regulator’s guidelines only permit individuals aged twenty-one and beyond to take part in various betting products in the state. All the gambling operations within Iowa’s borders have in the past received and accepted the agreement document that bars the minors from gambling.

The first case at Hurrah casino witnessed a young woman who walked in and played in slot machines for nearly half an hour. For fear of victimization, the young woman was only referred to as “V.M.”  

The incident happened on April, 8 2019 when VM entered the Hurrah casino at 6:25 pm in company of an aged woman. The minor would then proceed to slot machine and play for over thirty minutes before the duo was ordered out.

The age of VM wasn’t the cause why the security officers at the facilities ordered her out together with her adult companion. It was because the two women had begun begging other gamers who alerted the security officers for some actions.

The security detail reportedly went to the duo at 7:05 pm for panhandling claims. It was at that time when the officials asked for the victims’ identification only to establish that VM was 20 years-old.

Two hours later, Hurrah alerted the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation about the incident. However, the DCI was not convinced citing that Hurrah took long to inform the authorities, thus hampering the DCI “ability to follow the criminal matter.”

The laxity at Hurrah resulted in a $20000 fine. The penalty is understandably enough measure to cause the casinos to pay attention to underage entries.

The other incident happened a month later at Horseshoe, showing even more laxity and negligence. May, 21 2019, it was an underage male, who went to a casino without any accompaniment and enjoyed several services at the premise.

The young man who could only be named as “KC,” went to Horseshoe at 1:00 am and experienced slot machine activities for a considerable time. He stayed at Horseshoe Council Bluffs until 4:42 pm before his nasty behaviors caused his late eviction.

KC did not only play at slot machines for hours, but also bought separate alcoholic beverages thirteen times. It appeared that the number of drinks were way beyond CK’s capacity to maintain a reasonable behavior. The boozing caused CK to have an indecent contact with a female casino gamer.

His action invited the security officers who went to establish the young man’s identity. It was at that time when KC informed the security that indeed he was an underage. The police would later go to the scene and discover one more thing- that KC was in possession of a fake ID.

Considering that KC bought various alcoholic beverages for the extensive period he stayed at the casino, Horseshoe was handed a $30000 fine for failing to detect the offense.

The punitive measure could seem insignificant considering how massive Caesar Casino is, but it will send the message of vigilance home. However, the concern now shifts to online poker activities that cause sufficient headache to prove if one is underage.

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