State Lottery Commission to Launch Online Sports Betting App in Oregon, Elsewhere, New Jersey Sports Betting Handle Leads for the Third Time in Four Months

“Scoreboard is the tool many punters in Oregon will have the opportunity to use come October 7th when Oregon Lottery launches its first online sports betting app.”

This is according to a tweet by John Canzano, of The Oregonians, the app will be launched by the state’s lottery commission. The app was initially to be launched before the start of the NFL season. However, it was rescheduled to October, meaning Oregonians will have to bet online awaiting the new sports betting app.

Only one month ago on August 29th, Oregon’s Chinook Winds launched their first brick-and-mortar sportsbook. During that launch, Oregon residents were promised the sports betting app, Scoreboard at the start of NFL. According to Oregon Lottery senior public affairs officer, the delay was because the lottery was entering e-commerce for the first time. In a statement to Oregon Public Broadcasting, the officer said, “this was the first time we will offer an Oregon lottery game, online.” He also reassured the audience that the platform for the app was already built and in place. The team was testing player accounts before officially launching it.

In other previous tweets, the Bauman had suggested that testing was complete and approval from bank partners was the only remaining phase. Once the banks are sure all transactions are processed seamlessly, the app will be ready for launch. Players within Oregon’s boundaries will be able to use Scoreboard to place bets on basketball, football, soccer, baseball, NASCAR and golf.

Elsewhere, New Jersey cemented their new reputation as the nation’s hub for sports betting by edging Nevada to top the land for the third time in four months. The Garden State took a total of $293.5 million in sports betting in August, recording another lead to their handle. Nevada also made $288 million becoming the second state for the third time. According to the monthly report released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the statements represented a 16% year-over-year increase. The handle also profited $18.7 million from the $288 million stakes.

New Jersey first topped other states in May, after displacing Nevada as the largest handle in the country. It has nearly remained at the peak ever since, depicting tremendous increase. This is partly credited to the fact that Garden State enjoys little to no competition. However, with neighbouring states like Pennsylvania now offering online sports betting, it will be interesting to see how the positions shift as other markets mature.

There were various movements in other handlers. Las Vegas Strip recorded the most revenues collected, winning a total of $520.7 million from gamblers. The biggest drops in revenue were from North Lake Tahoe (17% decrease), and North Las Vegas Casino (16.5%). Elko County registered the most significant increase at 11.46% tanking a total of $26.8 million in gambling revenue. More states are amending their legislature to accommodate online sports betting and virtual slots, even as pokies head to Mexico for the upcoming WSOP-C

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