The Battle against Online Bots Intensifies as PartyPoker Recovers $148668 and €29495 in Separate Accounts

Technology can become both a negative and positive tool for our operations. It all depends on the side where you are. Whereas some individuals inventing technological ways to make life easier, others have perfected fraudulent schemes to fork in a hefty amount from the online operation.

For the past six months, PartyPoker has developed a keen interest in identifying and closing suspicious online poker accounts on its platform. The operation seems to be bearing fruits with the giant poker operator managing to bust several bot accounts and realizing a massive amount in the process.

PartyPoker revealed that its August records show that a total of 48 accounts have been shut due to involvement in bot activities. The identification of the fraudulent accounts has helped the poker firm in seizing close to $180000. PartyPoker’s site accounted for $148668 with a total of 36 accounts being closed. On the other side market vigilance netted 12 accounts that had €29495.

The money that was recovered from such illegal activities were later redistributed to the accounts that had incurred such losses. PartyPoker on a mission to ensure the safety of its users in various parameters. Besides, the online poker site has made its war against bot cheats public and transparent.

The 48 accounts that were recently discovered brings the total number of suspicious accounts closed to 649 since the battle began. In its pursuit to make PartyPoker the most secured poker platform, the war against irregular gambling activities was initiated in December 2018. market has now seized €164878 since the operation began while market has forfeited $1174758 so far.

The gambling operator acknowledged that their efforts have been successful since all stakeholders have been involved. PartyPoker didn’t hesitate to laud even the poker players who have played an instrumental role in detecting the vice. The online poker operator termed its success as “a concerted drive to make PartyPoker the safest place to play poker.”

It’s in the public domain that PartyPoker has invested in the cheat detection sector immensely. The firm has hired specialists mainly comprised of former poker professionals to head the Poker Fraud Detection team. The team is tasked with the responsibility of investigating suspicious operations and consequently closing the affected accounts. Besides, the team is mandated with the role of discovering other online poker accounts that break the site’s regulations.

The report that has been published by PokerParty’s Managing Editor Nick Jones reveals that over €1 million has been redistributed back to affected customers since January 2016. While releasing the report, the MPN Head Alex Scott said,

“the blog would show data which is meaningful to the readers.” Scott also emphasized that, “the data would allow for useful comparisons between us and other poker operations.”

Scott summed up his data report reiterating his confidence that their struggle against the vice will continue to bear fruits. He urged all the industry players to take up the challenge and help in ensuring that gamers have secure experience.

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