Bobby Noel Claims the 2019 MSPT Michigan State Poker Grand Title for $262, 145

This year’s Michigan State Poker Championship at FireKeepers Casino emerged to be a historic or rather, record-breaking event. By drawing 1,615 entrants, it turned out to be the largest poker tournament in the history of poker in Michigan State. The prize pool was a whopping $1,565,066.

A 31-year Bobby Noel finished first place claiming a prize of $262, 145. In his prior poker achievements, Noel had amassed $305, 584 worth of earnings including 136,625 dollars for emerging second to Josh Reichard in the 2018 HPT tournament.

“My first time here, I’ll probably come back now, I guess. I’m feeling good,” Noel, declared after the win “I haven’t been playing a ton this year. I had some success last year. Things seem to be working out pretty well for me.”

Noel had it tough to claim the first title since he had to compete for world poker champions.

“I would say it was the hardest final I’ve played by far,” Noel told the press.

Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Bobby Noel $262 ,145
2 Ralph Massey $161 ,200
3 Keven Stammen $122 ,074
4 Elliot Hebden $92 ,337
5 Isaac Kratchman $70 ,427
6 Justin Pease $53,212
7 Hyung Cho $42 ,256
8 Erik Koch $32 ,866
9 Dapreesch Scates $26 ,606
10 Aaron Masssey $20 ,345

Day 2 Action

Day 2 action attracted 211 players. 171 of them were on the payroll. Some world champions did not make it to the pay. Among those who missed the cash bag was MSP Hall of Kou Vang, World Series Of Poker main event winner Nick Manion as well as Brandon Sinawi.

The day was right to some players who at least appeared on the payroll though missed on the finishing table. Among the unlucky ones were; Ben Keeline Former bracelet winner (55th -$3,913), Blake Bohn a Minnesota Hall of Famer (67th -$3,443), Nick Puppillo (68th -$3, 443), Matt Kirby an MSPT champion (87th – $3, 130) and the latest MSPT season 10 winner Mike Shin (95th -$2,817).

The beginning of day two action was also a family affair. Aaron Massey made it fourth on the final table list along with his brother Ralph Massey making the first time the two shared a final table. Unfortunately, the experience was shortlived after Aaron lost terribly to Noel.

Dapreech Scates was next to give way for Noel’s win. Erik Koch joined him shortly after Noel proved he is the owner of the grand pool prize.

The competition continued intensely as Keven Stammen threw out Hyung Cho and Justin Pease. Keven managed the third place on the final table list at a prize of $ 122, 074 to bring down the participants to only five players.

Isaac Kratchman, a third runner in the 2018 MSPT (Michigan state poker championship) was next prey to Noel. He had to accept the fifth position worth $70,427 in his cash bag.

Ralph Massey, unlike his brother, managed to push down Elliot Hebden to the fourth place while he made an appearance on the final table list as the second player. Ralph managed $161,200 worth of prize money. Elliott also fell for the payroll and by the end of the game, he was worth $92,337. He claimed 4th place.

Ralph also managed to show the door a Michigan State Poker Champ’s brother Matt Stamen. Despite Massey’s desire for the top position, Bobby Noel Managed to claim the title of Michigan State Poker Championship.

Noel took home $ 262, 145 worth of prize money, and the first Champion to win in such historical poker tournament in the state of Michigan.

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