Stephen Chidwick Pockets £202500 after Winning the British Poker Open on Monday

While other people lament about “Monday Blues,” it was all a celebration day for Stephen Chidwick who conquered the British Poker Open (BPO). The seventh event of the 10-series tournament had only attracted 15 entries. Each participant had paid £25K as the entry fee in a tournament that nearly came up with the obvious outcome.

Interestingly, BPO characters were few to the point that a single limo was enough to take them to the poker ring. The tournament had a prize pool of £375000, which was the amount to be shared among the top three participants.

Chidwick took the largest share of the prize pool after emerging in the pole position of the contest. The Britton walked away with a whooping £202500, while George Wolf, who clinched the second position, had to contend with £112500 as his winnings. The pre-tournament favorite Sam Soverel emerged third in the contest and only settled for £60000.

Surprisingly, the trio who were at the money bracket, are the three individuals that led in the overall ranking in the tournament. However, the ranking didn’t follow the order of the financial harvest in the London tournament. Soverel had the lead while Chidwick secured the second spot. Wolf who had put spirited energy in the race for big money took the final position on the podium.

Chidwick alongside Ben Tollerene was fortunate to stay in the competition after narrowly surviving a glaring elimination in the first day of the PLO event. It’s the Scottish trio of Ludovic Geilich, Jens Kyllonen, and Cary Katz who were to leave the tournament toward the end of the Day 1 challenge.

The impressive run that Tollerene was enjoying was ended by Wolf, who made sure that the American bow out of the event. The “Angry” Wolf was not yet done as far as dashing another American ambition of securing the first spot for money. Wolf made an incredible call before the unfortunate run out across two hands, thus pushing Soverel to the edge. However, Wolf couldn’t replicate his exit card on Chidwick with the Britton dominating the contest that saw Wolf submit.

Chidwick’s victory wasn’t a surprise

Stephen Chidwick’s win was another way that one of the world’s poker finest could stump his authority in a tournament he likes to conquer. Chidwick has always been known as a specialist when it comes to no-limit hold’em tournaments. The Britton is now transferring his glory from no-limit hold’em tournaments to the pot-limit Omaha.

It was only in June where he took the lucrative WSOP $25000 PLO High Roller, which was worth a staggering $1.6 million. Childwick can now boast of over $32 million worth of career cashes. It’s no longer a doubt that Chidwick has established his place among the Britons all-time greatest in the industry. He’s considered to be eighth-best globally after managing to cash four times in just eight BPO events.

Chidwick was humble after his achievement, and you couldn’t sense any sign of pride in him. Maybe, he’s used to winnings! While speaking to Poker Conference, he calmly dismissed that it wasn’t the skill factor that saw his success in the event. He only pointed out that he has been “running good” race in the event. It isn’t easy to underestimate Chidwick’s victory in the BPO even with only fifteen entries. Remember, he had previously overcome 278 players in WSOP PLO High Roller to make his bid successful. Most people consider PLO High Roller as one of the most intriguing pot-limit Omaha tournament since it brings mainly world top players.

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