The Moneymaker Road to PSPC Hippodrome

After winning a series of world poker events, Chris Moneymaker was awarded the badge as the credited online poker since the year 2003. This year, the PokerStars Players Championship match organizers are the PokerStars team pro who has been trending for sixteen years in a row.

They host this year’s Moneymaker Road to PSPC celebrations. Players will be contesting to win a big payout, and a privileged pass to the next years platinum PokerStars game world.

An individual platinum pass badge has a value worth $30,000 or an equivalent of €26,000. It also comes with many perks such as having the priority seat at the next year 2020 PokerStars Players NL Hold ’em Championship. This Championship will be held in Barcelona on August 20-24, 2020. The stakes will be as high as €22,000.

The Platinum Pass Prize At The London Moneymakers Road Tournament

The event will kick off from the core of London’s West End at Le Meridien Piccadilly as from Thursday, 24 October to 27th 2019. The Hippodrome Casino will be the main sponsor of this event.

Chris Moneymaker will host the festival, which will have three grand play-offs fashioned by 140 pounds NLH Moneymaker’s Road to PSPC. This play-off will have a minimum stake of 30,000 chips with a 30-minute blinds increase. It is a special staked deal between the players, which will take place as the grand opening act of the four flights scheduled to run from the 24-27 October 2019.

Players will have a late registration window in six levels. During this time, they can re-enter each first flights as long as there is available space for registration.

Every kick-off flight will be playing down to just 15 per cent of the field. At this point, it will be a winning situation for the players that are already bagging chips. The players who will make it through the flight play-offs will have a two days contest from the 26th to 27th. The grand winner of the play-off will covet the platinum pass, several prize selections, and a trophy.

Organizers advice interested participants to sign up for the game at the Hippodrome Casino dome in the PokerStars Live Poker Room. Early registration has the benefit of getting the priority of advanced tickets to the game.

There will be 24 hours cash poker games at The Hippodrome Casino in the PokerStars Live Poker Room.

The event comes along with two complimentary games on the Moneymaker’s Road to the PSPC Hippodrome.

The first will be the 275 Euro NLH the MINI Series which will be a side event running from the 26th to 27 October 2019. The other one will be the 220 Euro PLO Double Chance that will take place on the 27 October 2019.

Other exciting, challenging, and fantastic selection of cash games in the world’s most prominent online poker room platform will also be available. It is also famous as the host of the largest weekly tournament in the online poker world called the Sunday Million.  The starting stack for the Moneymaker’s Road to the PSPC Hippodrome will be a constant 30, 000 chips from 24th to 25th. As from the 26th 12 noon to 6 in the evening, the stacks will have a minimum stack of 25,000 and a buy-in of 120 pounds plus 20 pounds.

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